Version History
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- Viewer: New features added (notes, page clipping, e-mail page, page bookmarks)
- Viewer: Added new visual customizations
- Desktop: Improved document conversion mechanism offers better quality in created flipping books
- Desktop: Redesigned "additional functionality" panel
- Desktop: Improved overall speed of the application

- Viewer: Buttons interface selection
- Viewer: Help page
- Viewer: Autoplay video & audio
- Viewer: Fullscreen for off-line user
- Viewer: Norwegian language added
- Desktop: FTP functionality removed

- Viewer: Highlight the search text results
- Viewer: Display Version information in window
- Viewer: Autorepeat video & audio

- Viewer: Fullscreen at startup added (on-line use)
- Desktop: Thumbnials creation

- Desktop: Page numbering offset added
- Desktop: Invert flipping documents (Arabian etc)

- Desktop: Batch Conversion
- Viewer: Keep intercativity when zoom in
- Desktop: AS2.0 SWFs use for help page

- Viewer: Centered first / last page

- Desktop: XPDF use for text extraction
- Desktop: Edit the extracted text when managing the document
- Viewer: Flip pages using mouse wheel

- Desktop: Display verbose messages when in conversion
- Desktop: Allow negative values for page offset
- Desktop: Reconvert pages
- Desktop: Abort conversion added
- Desktop: Edit projects names
- Desktop: Move projects Up/Dn in the list

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