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Flip@once Desktop is the easiest way to create digital editions and publish them on-line (Web) and/or off-line (CD-ROM). Read about Flip@once Desktop advantages over other digital publishing solutions available on the Internet:
  • Independence. All your flipping documents are published on your own web server. No need for third party services and subscriptions.
  • Simplicity. Flip@once Digital Books have no special requirements to run. Just copy the files on your server and enjoy your publication on-line.
  • Customization. Flip@once Desktop includes many customization features to help you create a digital edition that fits your brand image (colours, fonts, backgrounds, language).
  • Advanced functionality. With Flip@once Desktop, you can easily insert web links, table of contents, videos, sound in any publication, with a couple of clicks.
  • Flexibility. All available features (print, download, search, etc) can be removed at will. Control what your customers can do with your publication.
  • Cost effectiveness. There are no annual or per page costs. Create, test, publish or delete any edition you like.
  • Support. Flip@once Desktop has been created with the simple user in mind, but you can always contact us for help, comments or suggestions. Program updates and improvements are often.

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